Warehousing & Logistics

Warehouse & Logistical support – Bringing on the strength of the nation

The modern supply chain and logistic services require extensive investment into the training, information and technology, communication and infrastructure- which is not possible on part of a small business. Further, the custom developments and design solutions for the product may not be adequate for the process. Likewise, high capital priorities, penetration rate and inefficiency in electricity connection ass to the issues that may impact a business especially an agriculture based one. Therefore, at KFPCL Karnal we decided to establish affordable and robust warehouse and logistic channel to reduce issues related to the marketing and storage of the agricultural products. Our offerings penetrate to include procurement, storage and transport of the products of our stakeholders. Thus, the above mentioned services are expanded  to provide

Cold Storage

Dry Warehouse

Refrigerated Vans

Core offerings of KFPCL Karnal

Apart  from storage and transportation facilities, we offer following services:

  • Quality testing
  • Warehousing
  • Customised packaging facilities
  • Weighing and insurance
  • Collateral management
  • Distribution channel management
  • Logistics support

Raw Material Bank

The warehouse facility has best in class technical support to allow fast communication. The staff is highly experienced, trained and certified to handle operations of the organisation. Further, regular quality parameters are adhered to in order to ensure that the critical issues to your success can be managed easily.  Our endeavour is therefore to bring the best warehousing and logistics management practices to your benefit. Our specialized bar codes ensure that security of your products is maintained. We have further amalgamated the agriculture sector to our warehouses to keep a tab on the dynamic issues that are important to gaining financial gains.

In the agro-based industries, the common issues like need of liquidity at various stages to boost agriculture support through supply chain management. With the hell of leading strategic alliance, we ensure that all your financial issues and operational inefficiencies are managed at stage one itself. We ensure that your product portfolio is free from risk in the preservation, inspection and control processes. With our in-house packaging technology, we ensure that the products get packaged and ultimately stored in order to increase their shelf life. This is important for the process of securing high profit margins and then passing the benefits to the customers. The best products are available for the access of our young stakeholders and their business venture. We welcome support for the agricultural development through effective marketing and distribution channels.

Quality control parameters

From extremely cold to extremely hot temperature parameters, through the best technologies available for the disposal. Our endeavour is to ensure that every produce is able to get past its extended shelf life in a natural manner. With refrigerated vans at the disposal of your business.  Likewise, quality parameters and accuracy ensures that the agricultural commodities remain the need of the nation and its forerunners. Therefore, we welcome the organizations to try their business growth ideas by piggybacking our startup space and attempt to rewrite the whole agricultural sector. The modern infrastructure at KFPCL Karnal awaits your business.