Customized Packaging solutions:

The saving grace of the agrarian financial sectors, the packaging is one of the critical elements of food processing industries. In attempt to boost the cluster growth, our expert team of professionals commit themselves to providing you the highest standards of design, integration and packaging services both for liquid as well as the dry agricultural products. Although the challenges in the sector are numerous due to high fill temperature requirements along with fast line speeds and may impact the outcomes in the success story of the entrepreneurs and their ventures.

At KFPCL Karnal we concentrate on providing safe and secure packaging facilities that utilise the basics of customized agro packaging solutions. We package not just food but wholesome nutrition and wish  that the customer enjoys the same freshness as on the day of packaging. We will concentrate on ensuring that the packaging process is quick and effective in clearing the legal specifications in the segment. This means that we may opt for pouches, boxes and bags to optimize the design and delivery of the processes.

Pet Bottels
Tetra Pack
Plastic Caps
Corougated Boxes

Advantages of KFPCL Karnal packaging facilities:

  • Access to well designed agricultural products packaging services.
  • Affordable in-house design and packaging lines that in turn saves considerable time and boosts supply chain process.
  • Front end powered engineering processes to promote unique packaging facilities.
  • Experienced professionals in the region who look at design, integration, installation and commissioning of the whole process
  • Customised packaging solutions to suit the product and sustain its shelf life
  • Branding solutions to make the market  penetration
  • Sustainable development through use of natural materials to minimise agricultural waste.
  • Special product packaging to ensure that the process is highly clean and maintained.

Further, at our design facility, we redefine the product outcomes by providing the best in class labelling and branding efforts.

  • Packaging on basis of product specifications
  • Sealing and capping of industrial packages
  • Cases and crate design to optimise the outcomes
  • Container filling service on basis of weight and volume
  • Sealing packages with logo and necessary compliance instructions
  • Orientation and pallet packaging
  • Sorting and filtration of the packages
  • Weighing scale to ensure accuracy of measure

Importance of packaging services

The KFPCL Karnal understands that the marketing and branding services are important for positioning of the brand and its product lines. The gains are both long and short term. Packaging serves dual purpose- safeguarding the product and preservation. To safeguard your product against logistics related damages, the packaging and delivery services are highly important. This is especially important for agricultural produce whereby the goods are of highly perishable nature. With KFPCL Karnal, the advantage is twofold i.e. the freshness  of the product is obtained through affordable packages and ultimately delivered through in-house logistics support!

Product based packaging solutions:

We use flexible bulk containers or bulk  bags to provide storage and transportation of dry goods. These bags are made from best materials to retain freshness and make the product safe from inclement weather conditions. The major reason to use this kind of packaging design is to promote

  • Product freshness and shelf life
  • Ease of printing and branding
  • Providing access to paste labelling requirements
  • Temperature control to safeguard the product and its freshness
  • Affordable design and delivery services
  • Wide array of packing choices

For the purpose of the packaging design, special care is taken to ensure that the material is able to withstand the high temperature, levels of moisture, block ultraviolet rays and offer best ergonomic design. Our packages are made from the best quality parameters used to  ensure that the material is sustainable and eco-friendly. Our packages ensure that your end product is fresh and wholesome along with minimal of losses during shipment and storage.

We cater to bulk as well as retail shipments and packages that offer major advantage to the farmers and your business venture. By using adequate packaging facilities and delivery services, we ensure that your business gains the best results and ensure that there is optimised utilisation of the resources.

Packaging and labelling choices – customised for the best results

With the cluster development approach of our organisation, we are committed to provide the best facilities that ensure the right outcomes for the benefit of our stakeholders. Taking a note of the needs of an alternative embodiment of the best practices, we offer following factors that promote the right packaging facilities-

  • The bulk bags are used by regional and national agro industries to position their  products at affordable prices. The advantage of these packages include the affordability, reliability and durability to ensure that the product and hence your package is delivered in best possible condition.
  • Fiberboard packaging facilities are useful for products that need redistribution or repackaging. This is a very versatile method to offer stacking strength along with low cost of production. We offer best quality fiberboard packaging facilities which are highly recyclable even when wet. As with the bulk bags, we offer labelling requirements for the fiberboard packaging and hence is especially useful for retail supply chain management system.
  • For packaging of fruits and veggies, the clamshell packaging is highly recommended as it offers the benefit of adequate ventilation. The perforated design ensures that the product hence packaged stays fresh through natural methods.
  • Apart from this, the closed packaging design but without the provision of holes, is useful as it is designed from a thin film. Using the  disintegration process, the gasses are passed through its design. This allows natural methods to transport the nutrition from the fruits.
  • The micro perforation design based packaging (with holes) as it allows the carbon dioxide, oxygen and even water vapour to pass through the design.  
  • On the other hand, the macro perforated design has large holes to offer superior quality ventilation system.

For the purpose of the success of an agro based industry, the process is important to offer right blend of packaging and delivery services to ensure that the lead time between product output and delivery is less. The product helps to ensure that the fruits and vegetables remain fresh like freshly plucked ones. The right direction of the packaging design and labelling choices is important for the benefit of your business and we at KFPCL Karnal ensure that you have access to both at affordable prices.