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As an organisation driven by highest ethical standards and years of management experience in assisting multiple brands, the KFPCL is a new offing by seasoned professionals. With an idea that is designed to help construct, equip, own and manage the simplest to highest standards of excellence in packaging and related segments, the KFPCL is one stop solution for the agrarian reforms.

Our company also deals with processing of food grade category into multiple segments to yield the best results for your brand.

This processing expertise is the outcome of best packaging technology available for the usage of our clients. With our vast knowledge we establish and stand with you in providing the highest standards in customer service and support space. With an alliance with us, the enterprises will gain access to the best facilities but also both personal and professional assistance towards training for the skilled workers and converting them into the positive assets for growth in the company. Our five decade long experience in the related segment will overcome the problems that first generation entrepreneurs commonly face. Our world class infrastructure along with R&D support, marketing management, Skill development, leadership training, etc will promote not just your brand but your profit margins as well.  Thus, you adopt the not just the marketing endeavours of KFPCL but the best agriculture brand of the nation. We assure you that your business will be cared for like our own. For this we provide the following support and development services:

  • Food processing inside the organisation
  • Complementary products to assist inhouse growth of products
  • Internal sourcing of raw materials that reduces the input cost
  • Training for farmers through contract farming
  • Cluster development of agriculture and packaging segment to promote mobilisation to integrated circuit
  • Warehousing and logistics support with facilities of cold storage, dry wares and refrigerated vans
  • Consultancy services to ensure government compliance and support through the financial institutions like national bank along with venture capital funding.

We boost the growth and development of clusters. As a self motivated startup economy, we boost our sub-clusters to redefine their brand identity along with availability of affordable prices.  With common facilities like dairy, signage and organic farming on sharing basis, the idea is to contribute to your success story. Furthermore, the KFPCL, Karnal is spearheading the revolution in agriculture cluster development in its ideology of  achieving competitive advantage. The brand is likewise focussed on overcoming common issues related to technology, market access, packaging and skilled workforce. Our endeavour is therefore, to create a holistic ecosystem for the upcoming agro based entrepreneurs.

This initiative will promote the agriculture as well as the businesses in the nation. So basically we integrated superior technical alliance to the agricultural outcomes in our bid to serve the nation and our compatriots.

On behalf of the management, staff and shareholders,we welcome you to have your success story ready through the KFPCL and its affiliates.

Three pillars of success with KFPCL

  • The brand is focussed on the creative process of promotion of its products. With coordination and training programs, we boost budding entrepreneurs to realise their potential.
  • We provide project assistance to budding entrepreneurs through affordable access to state of the art infrastructure like roads, STP and access to common workspaces and best services.
  • Our team of experts help you with research and development process to boost the outcomes for business.