The Karnal Foodpack Cluster Limited Karnal got incepted with the idea to promote the growth and empowerment of the entrepreneurs of the nation. With ideology to promoting productivity as well as the competitive advantage through the unified action plan, we at Karnal Foodpack Cluster Limited have everything that will make sure that your business progresses in the right direction.

The cluster development approach brings the added advantage of piggybacking the success of an established organisation and  riding into the success at supersonic speed. The clustering approach to promote entrepreneurship also helps to gain capital gains, venture capital and ergonomic actions. The government of the nation is encouraging such an approach to bring the latest technology and infrastructure in the area of food processing sector.

Supporting budding entrepreneurs

 The journey of the national development started long back – five decades ago as the organisation tried to find its own footing as young first generation entrepreneurs. These experiences have been useful in shaping the outcome of our co-investors. With access to common sharing facilities ranging from consultancy to packaging, we assist you in establishing the best practices for standing your business. Bringing farmers as well as business houses closer to the success avenues offered by the cluster development approach, Karnal Foodpack Cluster Limited Karnal stands tall in the service of India. The cluster participants of the Karnal Foodpack Cluster Limited Karnal receive infrastructure and backward integration strategies to improve by adopting the agrarian reforms.

Issues with the agrarian economy-  

Being an agro-based entrepreneur is no easy task. There are huge constraints that hamper the growth in the sector and ultimately the outcomes for the business. A few of these are-

    • Issues related to financing
    • Inconsistent supply of raw materials
    • Lack of supply chain management resulting in perishing of goods
    • Seasonal nature of crops and fruits
    • High overhead costs and poor outputs even though the demand is on rise
    • Inconsistent quality of processed products
    • The dominance of major players
    • High overhead costs

We at Karnal Foodpack Cluster Limited Karnal have been working in the segment and understand the situation clearly and this is what makes us dedicate the technologically advanced and agricultural oriented cluster development initiative. Our endeavour to provide the best resources to our stakeholders led us to provide accessible alternatives in form of packaging, design, procurement, marketing as well as financial services. With us, your business has access to a highly symbiotic environment at an unimaginable affordable cost! We are sufficiently equipped with all the best of solutions and require your passion to drive results.

The advantage of cluster approach

By adopting the cluster development approach of Karnal Foodpack Cluster Limited Karnal, your business is getting an upper hand to succeed in the less explored segment. The facilities ensure that you are able to supply the best products at groundbreaking prices along with best hygienic conditions. The marketing and advertising professionals ensure that your product gets to the right customer at the right time.

Likewise, this development of infrastructure and common facilities helps to link farmers to you and ultimately you to the end customer through the advantage of a supply chain management system. Further, on the offering is modern connective infrastructure like roads, warehousing, cold storage, packaging, sorting services.

This form of business clustering helps interconnected business houses to operate within close proximity to each other and providing symbiotic business relationships. The mutually beneficial alliance of products and services distribution helps to integrate the efforts as well as the outcomes.

    • With specialised inputs that are coupled through forward integration and access to quality raw materials, the output is boosted manifolds.
    • Ease of qualifying for government subsidies and promotion schemes.
    • Ease of procurement of skilled workforce
    • Economic development through symbiosis
    • Rapid innovation and ease of transportation
    • Access to market and customer expectations through research and development channels
    • Effective quality control and financial management

At Karnal food pack cluster limited, the vision is to be the harbinger of a revolution in the field of food processing by using best technologies, managerial expertise and integration of the environmental opportunities. Further, to be the promoters to young startups, agrarian reformists and technocrats by providing the best incubation facilitators and hence building symbiosis of talent and skills.

Mission Karnal Foodpack Cluster Limited


First generation entrepreneurs often suffer from varied issues related to limited knowledge and expertise. This is especially complicated for a manufacturing concern as the entrepreneurs lack both capital and expertise. But with a business cluster like Karnal Foodpack Cluster Limited, these issues are eliminated as you receive one-to-one support through global presence and our brand equity. Our vast experience is readily available for your business as consultancy services that ensure that our organizations grow together and gain global market share.

Each market has unique trends that offer varied bottlenecks. To remove all such constraints and ensure that the products leaving out from our home are the best, the cluster method of common support and resource pooling proves highly useful. This concept of resource sharing brings optimal utilisation of resources and bring innovation through synergy. This is expected to bring the best results by:

    • Increase in access to financial and technological resources resulting in best business practices.
    • Improvement in outcome for small businesses and farmers who join Karnal Foodpack Cluster Limited as the stakeholders
    • Enhancement of human resources and leadership skills
    • The increasing of the economy of the efforts
    • Access to the best raw materials through similar pattern or via contract farming
    • Direct and Indirect linkages with international clients
    • Increased stakeholder gains through capitalisation of environment scanning and innovations.

 This beginning of the KFCL, Karnal is also its run towards the success of the nation by the ultimate growth of its numerous stakeholders as well as investors. Take the advantage of Karnal Foodpack Cluster Limited incubation today!