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Signage are visual graphics to display information to a particular audience andmanifested in the form ofexpansive banners, billboards, and mural etc.in places such as streets or on the inside and outside of buildings. The use of signage has been increasing among retailers and for advertising purposes in indoor and outdoor locations. Signage advertising has become one of the most powerful sources of display and advertising.
Signage industry is a part of printing industry, which has changed dramatically over the past decade. Presently vinyl, plastic and paper have been used as primary substrates of choice for signage industry. With advent of technology and taking environmental concerns into account, textiles have begunto takecentrestage. This has generated a new world of opportunity for local and regional print shops. It also presents learning curves and challenges as printers make the transition to textile media, and as they incorporate a new generation of printers and inks specifically designed to perform in this.

Signage and advertising cluster has around 144 micro units invloved in various activities from designing content, printing flex & banners and advertising. More than 25 units of this cluster are also engaged in manufacturing and supplies of wooden frames for flex boards, hoardings. Some of the units are also involved in installing LED for backlit and frontlit for billboards & displays etc. Units of cluster are also availing services for maintenance of the machinery and equipment, transportation of the raw materials and delivery of intermediate and finished products, testing, training of the workforce, accountancy and marketing support, etc.
Signage Industry products are used for displaying the products, directions, information, news, canvassing for elections, etc. One purpose of the signage is also to advertise the products to attract the customers to buy the products. The main purpose of signage is to communicate, to convey information about the product, company & Information: signs conveying information about services and facilities, such as maps, directories, or instructional signs.
Detailed Project Report of Karnal Signage & Advertising Cluster
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Major usage of signage products are:
► Branding of products and company
► Display of products functions and purpose
► Indoor branding & gift novelties
The size and type of the signage depends upon the purpose. Some Signage are required to be permanent in natures for telling the identification of a place, where as some signage may be temporary for a particular event only.