KFPCL – Facility & Infrastructure

India is an agricultural based nation where a large part  of the population is directly or indirectly related to it. The businesses especially new ones often face number of problems related to logistics, public infrastructure, electricity supply, traffic, etc. This especially is critical to the success of a new  business. The rising competition, budget plans, customer expectations add to the problems of the entrepreneurship growth in India. Further, the huge initial cost involved in the starting a business and government compliance is huge. This is the reason why average startup gets eliminated at the  first stage itself.

Common challenges faced by the agro industries

The key issues that affect the agricultural based businesses and the food processing industries in the country include:

  • Inadequate supply chain linkage– India and its  agriculture based industries have commonly faced issues related  to inadequate supply chain services that often cause huge wastage along  with the high costs due to seasonal nature of the products, low shelf life and variable outputs.   
  • Infrastructure related issues– The export sector is booming and outcomes are huge. But for exporting it, the infrastructure is inadequate especially at sea ports and airports. Due to this reason a large amount of  the produce gets wasted due to lack of post harvest facility and expensive storage facilities.
  • Lack of skilled workforce: The workforce in the agricultural based industry is highly inadequate in terms of formal training and upgradation  facilities. This becomes challenging for the agricultural business to gain profit and managerial support.
  • Lack of standardization and certification: Due to lack of basic infrastructure for standardization and certification process, there is a huge  gap between research and actual implementation. For this the nation required laboratory, trained workforce and certification process.

Overcoming challenges at KFPCL

We understand all the above  issues and their impact on the business growth and progress. For this we at KFPCL Karnal are committed to overcome all the above mentioned issues through our infrastructure and mentoring support. This is important for India as the food and grocery market in the country is the sixth largest in the world. However, a large chunk of the sector is dominated by larger brands rather than small businesses. This change is the key strategy we seek to overcome for the small entrepreneurs. By providing the best services at highly affordable prices, we are sure that we will change the face of Indian agriculture and food processing industries.

The change in consumer preferences is important for the growth opportunities in the sector. This combination is important for improvement in lifestyle and health choices. The large size of young population is looking forward to organic farming and demand for healthy products. This is definitely going to be a propeller for the agricultural entrepreneurs and their ideas.

Facilities galore at KFPCL Karnal:

At KFPCL, Karnal we wish to overcome all these problems  by creating a healthy environment for the young entrepreneurs and their business ideas. Our focus  is on creating and nurturing the startups at their pre-incubation stage and push for employment opportunity in the agro-based industry. 







Furthermore, the incubator will provide state of the art facility including:

  • Co-working space
  • Investor lounge
  • Research and development facility
  • Meeting rooms

At our incubation centre, the central point of convergence will be our guidance centre to provide guidance and counseling services to all the startups and further our guides will be more than delighted to hear and solve your problem with the business building.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence:

The KFPCL Karnal envisions to create startup policies that help create a roadmap for these startups to secure government services and funding  from financial institutions through: loans, angel promotions, venture capital firms, banks and similar service providers. We further propel your business to secure incentive through patents and similar invention schemes.

At our startup hub, we believe that human resources are the biggest assets for an organisation in its pursuit of excellence. We also understand the common issues  that arise with getting good workforce at initial levels. Hence, we wish to catch the interest of the young talent of the nation with our extensive training and development projects to be undertaken on regular basis. We are not a mere platform for the innovators but in  reality a complete solution for the budding management gurus of tomorrow.