Financial support initiatives:

KFPCL Karnal- bringing value to the success of the agricultural based startup space!

For a business, the financial linkages form the important part of the development of the business. With our tie ups with the leading financial institutions like banking sector, venture capital firms and private equity service providers to ensure that your business has access to the success avenues that you always desired.

It is definitely clear that agriculture sector has been the major source of the earning of a large part of the Indian economy. This is also a great source of livelihood for rural and weaker sections of the nation. However, the key challenge for a large part of the sector is the lack of access to the sources of financial support. This is what impacts the output for production and distribution channels. This was the idea which we wished to transform through the Karnal Foodpack Cluster Limited start-up arena.

The core idea is to contribute to the national success and growth through boosting the results for the agro-based industries. With necessary support and guidance facilities, we aim to redefine the outcomes for the farmers as well as the business houses through strategic planning process and ultimately reducing the agricultural based losses.

We, at Karnal Foodpack Cluster Limited, furthermore facilitate the integration of the financers along with the business tycoons of tomorrow in an attempt to create agricultural based financial outputs through-

  • Increasing the capacity of the financial institutions towards contribution to the agro-based industries through extensive diagnosis, risk management and alternative product development services.
  • Providing financial institutions towards the promotion of finance to such ¬†stakeholders seeking support for furthering their business ideas.
    • Overcoming the gap between finance seekers and providers to ensure that every startup in our organisation can avail the best opportunity available in the external business environment. This relationship between the two sides will ultimately be useful to serve customers with the best services and products.
    • Helping young startups to identify environment opportunities in their sector and then ensuring the realisation of these through availability of secured and long term financial support.
    • Ensuring the best return on investment by adopting synergistic blend of best technologies and managerial skills to gain strong footing on lucrative returns.
  • Reducing the risk associated with the development of the product and its marketing campaigns. This is necessary to support the growth avenues for the young entrepreneurs.
  • Utilisation of the support of our partner financial institutions to provide short and medium termed working capital as the development opportunity to further the achievement of organisational goals.

Further, through our advisory support services, counselling and training opportunities, we wish to ensure  that the risk in the process is minimised and the investors gain best return on investment. This is important to achieve better visibility for the brand and development opportunity. Also, finance is one of the important part of the growth of entrepreneurs in the nation. For a startup company, this means that the managers have access to production and marketing opportunities to position their products.