KFPCL Karnal consultancy services

As a startup, the offering of huge variety of products cannot guarantee the success story. For this, the startups need to be boosted by equally great marketing campaigns. All such endeavours are important to attract, boost and ultimately mature the customer leads. This may later prove to be useful in up-selling along with cross selling to generate potential repeat purchases. Due to huge volume of customers the business need to tap into, marketing can surely be a tedious process. To avoid this, we offer special marketing campaigns to boost overall outcomes  from your investment. We wish to create for your healthy environment to reap best return on investment.


R & D Center
Testing Labs
Training Center

The marketing campaigns

We assist you with methods of marketing campaigns like:

  • Automatic services to offer newsletters and push notifications
  • Email or mobile based alerts
  • Mentoring programs for managers
  • Training and development services for workers and supervisors

Superior  products with stringent quality parameters

Our motto is to provide the best services and technical support to help you deliver the best products. For this purpose, we offer stringent quality parameters to ensure that your business delivers to the customers the best products in the industry. This is the basic force behind the best customer service experience.

Driven by the best in class technology sector and consultancy, we aim to make difference on basis of strategic planning and alliance. The ultimate outcome is to deliver wholesome food at the compliance of the best customer satisfaction parameters. For this purpose, the community and communication channels are important to strengthen the channels of distribution and reproduction of raw materials at the best prices.

At KFPCL, we support not just farming entrepreneurs in their wish for success but also the booming business development opportunities by providing affordable spaces of work and meetings.