Agriculture facilities:

The KFPCL Karnal is an agro based food processing startup hub. At our cluster, we work to develop the source of raw materials for our clients. By training of farmers in the best agriculture practices through contract farming and related activities.   

The agro based startups however usually face number of challenges like lack of technology adoption due to issues with raising finances and lack of availability of quality inputs. The existing agro-based industries are still dealing with outdated technology driven resources. Despite the advantages offered by the internet, the outcomes have not been adequate in boosting the outcomes for agriculture sector.With KFPCL Karnal we wish to change the world of agriculture through boosting of yield per acre and reducing food wastage. All this will be done to achieve the financial gains and sustainability. This is the reason that we offer leasing of space and equipment in an attempt to further the development of agricultural based sectors. We understand that to survive in the high competition domains driven by foreign organisations, an entrepreneur needs to have out-of-box vision.

Dairy Farming

Boosting the outcomes

To give a major push to the food processing industries, we at KFPCL Karnal wish to  add value to the process by reducing wastage and increasing the bottom lines. A large  focus is on the perishable food, we have created warehousing, storage and transport facilities. We aim to create the modern infrastructure for the support of such entrepreneurs in forming a marketing linkage by offering forward and backward links to the supply chain. With approach to common facilities for food processing and establishment of packaging cum logistics support, the hub aims to transform the outcomes for the sector. The KFPCL Karnal will improve not just outcomes for the businesses but also for the farmers of the nation. This will bring boost to the success of the the country through the availability of:

At KFPCL, Karnal we tend to support budding entrepreneurs in their sprint for fulfillment by providing reasonable avenues of growth and development. any with access to the common sharing facilities, we have a tendency to are performing on providing the simplest startup scheme within the agro product sector.

By boosting farmers nearer to the success avenues, KFPCL Karnal in the service of the farmers of the state so as to receive the most effective in class infrastructure support facilities for your business. KFPCL Karnal boosts the outcomes for young entrepreneurs as we have a tendency to already possess fifty and counting years of expertise within the agro development phase. Bring your business nearer to its success story by adopting the rural reforms, today!

the most effective in class attempt to market your product a minimum of potential trade off. Adopt the selling endeavours of KFPCL Karnal to vary your business outcomes. we tend to boost the expansion and development of clusters. As a self motivated startup economy, we tend to boost our sub-clusters to redefine their whole identity together with accessibility of reasonable prices.

Buyer Seller Tieups

The make in India initiative

The major impact we wish to place with our company is to be the nation builders through the value addition to the supply chain of the agricultural based products. This comprehensive food development cluster is the best Extension to the corporate and social growth initiatives of the top level management.  We also boost the growth of forward and backward integration ideology in the segment through development and logistics services.

Hence, we believe that investment is not all about gaining profits only but in reality it is a chance  to re-establish the connection between the nation and society. The expansive moral and ethical standards we bring to the brand are must to boost the outcomes for the business houses of tomorrow. For a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step towards investment  in the economic development plans of the KFPCL Karnal.