Karnal Dairy CFC


Dairy industry occupies an important place in animal husbandry domain. It embraces the production of milk, its preparation for sale and manufacture of dairy products. Dairy processing industry solely depends on availability of milk for manufacturing of dairy products. Milk has almost all the vital nutrients needed for growth and well-being of the human body; hence called ‘nature’s perfect food’ for all ages. Dairy products account for 70 per cent of the output of the livestock sector and also provide employment to around 75 million women and 15 million men in India5.
The dairy industry is divided into two main production areas:
► Primary production of milk on farms — rearing of cows, buffalos (and other animals such as goats, sheep etc.) for the production of milk for human consumption;
► Processing of milk — in order to extend milk’s shelf life following processes are adopted: (a) heat treatment to ensure that milk is safe for human consumption and has an extended storage quality, and (b) preparing a variety of dairy products in a semi-dehydrated or dehydrated form (butter, hard cheese and milk powders), which can be stored. These products are termed as value added dairy products as shown in figure 3.
Rising consumption of value added dairy products (VADPs) coupled with better margins has driven the growth of dairy industries towards higher profitable trajectory. Change in demographics and rapid urbanization have resulted into manifold surge in the demand for VADPs.