Food Processing

Food Processing segment

An emerging sector tapped adequately by KFPCL Karnal:

With KFPCL Karnal we help mobilize the food  processing industries inside the premises through sharing of common facilities that  are conducive to the growth and profitability of the food processing. Thus is our focus that the products that are conducted out with a motive to completely complement each other through the extensive process of securing the symbiotic growth.   

Banan Ripening

The idea of the initiative by the renowned entrepreneurs of the region is to develop modern infrastructure and common facilities to encourage the entrepreneurship ventures through sectoral and cluster development approach. Through KFPCL Karnal, we believe in backward integration strategies to link farmers and food producers to the markets and food processing industries to create intergroup relations and fostering ideal financial services.

The cluster approach has components like:

    • Core infrastructure and common facilities like :-



Cold Storage

Quality Control

Without this assistance, the huge amount of investment is needed for purchasing land, finance, infrastructure and service links to boost the startup brand. This comes in relation to that number of opportunities that are arising out of demographic environment, preference for healthy lifestyle, acceptability of processed foods and government support in boosting the food manufacturing and processing segment. Likewise, the increase in customer income has boosted the customer demand for quality products and services especially in food and vegetables segment. Further, the number of urban women looking forward to seeking better career opportunities have further increased the demand of the alternative diet. This is highly true for beverages and food processing industries where the trend has bought economic boom. As a result, the customers demand better packaging and branding efforts.

Advantage of investment in Sunrise sector

Undoubtedly, the food processing sector is an sunrise sector that has gained attention of the young entrepreneurs recently. The sector is the link between industries and agriculture- the two important drivers of the Indian economy. At KFPCL Karnal, a large part of our stakeholders are associated with the agriculture sector and are successful entrepreneurs themselves. Thus, the idea of a startup space in the niche was pretty subsequent.

The food processing industries in India are awaiting young people to boost the rural development and sustains association between industry and agriculture, ensuring that both grow together and no sector is neglected. Agriculture is the lifeblood of the rural economy and boosting it would ensure that these regions receive the best results for their efforts. A well developed food processing hub like ours will help reduce the common issues like wastage and ultimately mature into crop diversification, employment opportunities and export outflow.

We at KFPCL Karnal await your business to help us make a difference through your organisation and our extensive experience in the segment. Together, let’s strive to make India the best economy while still staying true to our core competencies and ethical standards.

KFPCL Karnal- High class support for food processing industries and the hub of the nation reformers!