About us


The seeds of the agrarian entrepreneurs vision yielded fruit when the idea to promote cluster development came up with idea to benefit other similar entrepreneurs.The prime focus of the KFPCL is to  set up, develop and maintain the food safety and processing avenues.As entrepreneurs, the lacuna that the economy faces in appreciation of its food producers was duly recognised and efforts were directed to ensure a strategic intent in vertical parameters.

Our motivation:

The undying love for the nation and its people made the organisation strive for empowering the rural areas through combination of technology and business ideas. This is what keeps us moving  forward each passing day. As a startup area for agro based businesses, KFPCL has came a long way in redefining the outcomes of the above ventures.

Trust our organisation to provide accessible alternatives to appetising outcomes for business ventures. This is all available under one roof and that too on sharing basis along with the best of advise in establishing your business. As a business incubator, the arena captures the demands of the customers and establishing brand identity.

Incubation and support:

From pilot equipment to product marketing support, the KFPCL is driven by passion to help varied sections of society in the development. The transformation for the employer and employees is important to the success of the businesses. Thus, we offer leverage to the businesses to make a difference to their customers through quality workforce and forging relationships of trust & accountability.

Our Supporters
  • Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI).
  • Ministry of Micro Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME).
  • Industries Department, Govt. India.
  • National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI).
  • National Hotiriculture Mission (NHM).
  • National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC).
  • All India Federation of Master Printers.
  • Entrepreneur Club.
  • Karnal Dairy Association.
  • Specific Knowledge of Integrated Learning & Leaving (SKILL).
  • Grant Thornton India.
  • Ernst & Young.
  • Skilltech Consultancy.
  • TU & CO.
  • PHD Chamber Karnal.
  • Signage Association Karnal.
  • Plastic Association Karnal.
  • Bakery Association Karnal.
Our Mentors
  • प.पू.स्वामी ज्ञानानन्द जी महाराज ( जीओ गीता संस्थानं ) , Swami Gyananand Ji Maharaj (President GIEO Gita)
  • प.पू.स्वामी यातिन्द्रा नन्द गिरी जी ( जीवन दीप आश्रम ) , Swami Yatindranand Giri Ji  ( Jeewan Deep Aashram)
  • डाक्टर विनायक बडौनी जी (ॐ नमो सिध्हम ) ,  Dr. Vinayak Badoni (MD Om Namo Siddham)
  • वरच्स श्री दिनेश कुमार जी ( सृजन ) Resp Sh. Dinesh Ji,( Srijan)
Our Core Member
  • Dilip Khurana & Associates
  • Budget Makeoverz
  • Gaur & Associates
  • Sh. Purshotam Ahuja ( Vastu Consultanat)
  • Sh. Rajendar Bansal ( Vastu Consultant)
  • R.Tech Builders
  • R.P.Constructions
  • Pt.Parveen Gosai
  • Sh.Gian Mutreja , Modal Dairies